Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Making Up for Joke Of the Months/ I'm Back !!!

b*:On the other hand...
Q: What is slimy, hairy, and has three eyes ?
Q: What does a dentist say in court?

     It has been 2 long months since I blogged and it feels so good !!! Anyway I'll try to blog more often ,but unless you are a blogger like me you probably wouldn't understand, when I started I thought it would be easy! I am going to be an alien for Halloween.What are you going to be?( answer me on my next poll! ) kimball is going to be a magician, stage name: Pascal Prestini. And Ian is going to be an astronut. I'll try to see you next month, bye!

E*: I have five different fingers!
A: I don't know, but its right behind you!
A: The TOOTH the whole TOOTH and nothing but the TOOTH!

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