Sunday, July 17, 2011


I am going to a summer camp called SPARKS. It is very fun. I have learned a lot of new games: Doctor Dodgeball, graveyard, blob tag, and many more! So far we have done these things( as mane activities) : Water day, CARS 2, swimming day, and army day. I can't wait till tomorrow!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Joke of the Month/About Joke of the Month

Every first Saturday of the month, I will do a  "Joke of the month ," It will go like this:

Q: _____________

    ( Post )

A: ______________

Today's post, however, will have a different way.Today's Joke of the Month:

Q: How many babies can you fit in a empty box?

A: one. Once you put it in its not empty anymore!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Great Vacation

Ten days ago, we went on vacation. We saw Cars 2, visited our grandma and grandpa, stayed in a cabin, we got to play with lots of cousins and some friends, and we got to swim in a HUGE  swimming pool. It had a hot tub, a water slide, and my favorite: a CAVE! You could jump off of it, and you could go in it (it wasn't very deep), and it had a waterfall! I hope we get to do it again next summer!

At the Bingham Copper Mine with my cousins, Emma and Dylan, my brother Ian, my sister Margaret, and my grandma.

Hike to Cascade Falls in Cedar Breaks National Park. Bronwen, me, Dylan.
Touching the St. George Temple with my brothers and sisters and Sailor & West.