Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy B-day To Me!

Exactly one month ago, I turned 10.I had a Harry Potter party and it was AWESOME! First our guests picked up 20 galleons at Gringotts bank, then visited Diagon Alley to get a wand, a cauldron, a pet, and a cloak. "All aboard the Hogwarts Express!" and we ran into the Great Hall (after the train arrived) for the sorting hat. Next it was time for classes: first, potions; then, spells; next, defense against the dark arts, and last, but not least, care of magical creatures. We then took a short recess.When we came in we had butter beer while taking our O.W.L. Exams. Next we opened presents, and right after that, we had a Gryffindor cake (I had identical GFCF cupcakes). Then we headed for Honeydukes' Sweet Shop and waited for parents to pick up their wizards.

4 Things

  1. We are discontinuing Joke of the Month.I just don't have time. :(
  2. I made a cake with my dad for the Blue & Gold:
  3. I turned 10!:)
  4. I still love Legos.