Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy B-day To Me!

Exactly one month ago, I turned 10.I had a Harry Potter party and it was AWESOME! First our guests picked up 20 galleons at Gringotts bank, then visited Diagon Alley to get a wand, a cauldron, a pet, and a cloak. "All aboard the Hogwarts Express!" and we ran into the Great Hall (after the train arrived) for the sorting hat. Next it was time for classes: first, potions; then, spells; next, defense against the dark arts, and last, but not least, care of magical creatures. We then took a short recess.When we came in we had butter beer while taking our O.W.L. Exams. Next we opened presents, and right after that, we had a Gryffindor cake (I had identical GFCF cupcakes). Then we headed for Honeydukes' Sweet Shop and waited for parents to pick up their wizards.

4 Things

  1. We are discontinuing Joke of the Month.I just don't have time. :(
  2. I made a cake with my dad for the Blue & Gold:
  3. I turned 10!:)
  4. I still love Legos.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Making Up for Joke Of the Months/ I'm Back !!!

b*:On the other hand...
Q: What is slimy, hairy, and has three eyes ?
Q: What does a dentist say in court?

     It has been 2 long months since I blogged and it feels so good !!! Anyway I'll try to blog more often ,but unless you are a blogger like me you probably wouldn't understand, when I started I thought it would be easy! I am going to be an alien for Halloween.What are you going to be?( answer me on my next poll! ) kimball is going to be a magician, stage name: Pascal Prestini. And Ian is going to be an astronut. I'll try to see you next month, bye!

E*: I have five different fingers!
A: I don't know, but its right behind you!
A: The TOOTH the whole TOOTH and nothing but the TOOTH!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Joke of the Month/Diet Trouble

A: what time is it when your clock strikes 10?

Did I ever tell you about my gluten and dairy intolerance? Its true, I can't eat ice cream or cookies or brownies or pizza or you name it! But I can eat soy cream and my mom is a good cook...sooo we use a cookbook called Cooking for Isaiah. It was written by someone who had a son named Isaiah, who had gluten intolerance too.

Sometimes it is fun (there are more of my GF DF treats in the house than the other type!) and sometimes it is not (no M&Ms). But I just stick to it, knowing it will make me feel better.

Q: 10 o'clock! Duh!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I am going to a summer camp called SPARKS. It is very fun. I have learned a lot of new games: Doctor Dodgeball, graveyard, blob tag, and many more! So far we have done these things( as mane activities) : Water day, CARS 2, swimming day, and army day. I can't wait till tomorrow!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Joke of the Month/About Joke of the Month

Every first Saturday of the month, I will do a  "Joke of the month ," It will go like this:

Q: _____________

    ( Post )

A: ______________

Today's post, however, will have a different way.Today's Joke of the Month:

Q: How many babies can you fit in a empty box?

A: one. Once you put it in its not empty anymore!